2016 Graduates

Churchill Academy congratulates our 2016 Graduating Seniors and wish them the best as they pursue their dreams!

Abby Elisabeth Blackmon

Abby Blackmon began attending Churchill in the 9th grade. She previously attended school in Wetumpka.

Abby is very outgoing and quickly made friends with her new classmates.

Mrs. Robinson and Mrs. McCurdy are two of Abby’s favorite teachers at Churchill. She says that she really enjoyed her Life Skills and Computer classes. When asked about her favorite memories of Churchill, Abby quickly responded that proms and dances were among her favorites!

Outside of school Abby is very involved with her church youth group. She also enjoys shopping, spending time with her family, and Auburn football. She does volunteer work with the elderly at Wetumpka Health and Rehab.

Abby describes herself as laid back and happy. We at Churchill would describe her as always smiling, willing to help others, tender hearted, thoughtful and well behaved. Upon graduation, Abby plans to pursue a career as a nursing assistant, perhaps in a nursing home.

We wish her the best as she prepares to graduate and pursue her new endeavors.

Hannah Susan Stephenson

Hannah is a native of Montgomery and came to Churchill as a 10th grader. She previously attended Trinity Presbyterian School.

Hannah is outgoing, and upon her arrival, she quickly made friends with her classmates.

Hannah absolutely loves McDonald’s, Netflix, and The Walking Dead! She also loves taking long walks and going to the beach. In fact, she would like to someday live on the beach.

It is obvious that Hannah loves her family as her face lights up when she talks about her little sister and brother. She enjoys meeting with her church life group on Sundays.

Hannah describes herself as being very open minded (most of the time) and says that she loves to be “right”!

When asked about Churchill classes and teachers, Hannah said that Mrs. Robinson had always been there for her. She said, “Mrs. Robinson is strict but in a caring way.” Psychology was the hardest class she took at Churchill but it was so interesting that it was one of her favorites.

Hannah also enjoyed the discussions and debates in Current Events class. Hannah’s fondest memory of Churchill is when Mrs. Schroeder assisted her with getting an internship at Phoenix Salon.

Hannah says this opportunity helped improve her self-confidence and she now plans to attend cosmetology school when she graduates.

Churchill congratulates Hannah and wishes her the best as she pursues her dreams!

Justin Jeremy Bolling

Justin Bolling came to Churchill in the fifth grade from Brewbaker Elementary School, and he arrived full of enthusiasm!

His smile can brighten a room when he enters and he warms your heart upon meeting him.

Justin is surrounded by friends at Churchill. He has a wonderful personality and is always so positive. He has demonstrated a willingness to learn and perform any task placed before him.

In the classroom, he works diligently and always with a smile.

Justin loves Ms. McCurdy because she makes World History so interesting! He enjoyed reading Turtle in Paradise this summer and now considers it one of his favorite novels.

You can always count on Justin to tell the truth. He has a strong sense of right and wrong, and he strives to always do his best. As a result he has been the recipient of numerous Character Counts awards throughout his years at Churchill.

Justin has plans to continue his education after Churchill. He plans to take some online classes and possibly study to become a chef.

This summer he would like to take a trip to Orlando and visit Disney World.

We wish you much love and happiness in whatever path you take, Justin.

Everyone at Churchill will certainly miss you!

Rebekah Katherine Medlen

Katherine Medlen, better known to us as Kat, is a native of Montgomery.

She attended public elementary school. After attending Lee High School in ninth grade, Kat was homeschooled first semester of her tenth grade year, and entered Churchill midyear.

Her quiet, shy personality made the transition somewhat difficult. However, her sweet and helpful nature quickly led to new found friends and before long she felt at home. Kat states that Ms. Hall was the first teacher to make her feel at ease, while Mr. Zienert amazed her with his ability to multi-task and stay sane. According to Kat, Biology with Mrs. Backus was the most fun class.

Kat’s interests are as varied and interesting as she is. She enjoys alternative and acoustic pop music as well as dancing. Her face lights up when working with lower school children. She loves helping them at Fall Festival each year and dancing with them when the little ones join the dance class occasionally.

She would love to visit Ireland and England, and learn Russian.

Kat admits she is a night owl and loves to read and write poetry. Kat is presently doing research in English class on special education as a possible future career as she wants to work with young children with special needs some day. She is an independent thinker with many creative talents and a style all her own.

Churchill congratulates her as a senior and wishes her the best as she pursues her dreams.

Adrena Sharon Johnson

Adrena came to Churchill Academy in the 9th grade.

She had previously attended Lanier High School. Adrena is quiet, well-liked by her peers, and organized. She has grown to be a very diligent worker while at Churchill.

Academics have not always come easily to her, but she was determined to put in the extra time in order to meet all of the requirements for graduation. Adrena describes herself as being sensitive, easy going, and mature. Among her favorite things are hot wings, jewelry, and gospel music. She enjoys playing basketball with her brother and attending school dances.

When away from school, Adrena has enjoyed taking ballet lessons. She has done some traveling and particularly enjoyed visiting New York. She would love to travel to Orlando someday.
When asked about her time at Churchill, Adrena stated that Geometry was her biggest challenge and her favorite class was Life Skills.

Adrena said, “Mrs. Robinson is the teacher that stands out to me because she helps me with my work and she is always happy, which makes me happy.”

Adrena loves children and dreams of a career in the medical field working with children as a pediatrician or a nurse. The Churchill staff is very proud of Adrena and we wish her the best in her future endeavors.

Jacob Walston

It is a privilege to welcome Jacob Walston back to Churchill as a part of the 2015-16 graduating class.

Jacob came to Churchill in the second grade. He remained with us until tenth grade when his mother deployed to Hawaii. It was his desire to graduate with his friends from Churchill, and in order to make that happen he has been homeschooled while in Hawaii.

Jacob is a very bright young man, so much so that he is graduating from high school at the age of sixteen, two years ahead of schedule.

Jacob has varied interests and hobbies. He has always been active in the scouting program, and he is currently a Star Scout. He enjoys the outdoor programs, along with camping and hiking.

On base in Hawaii, Jacob is an active member of the AWANA, which stands for “A Workman Is Never Ashamed.” He has continued his karate instruction while living on the island, and has earned his black belt. Jacob is a remarkable young man and Churchill is a very proud of his many accomplishments.

He plans to attend college upon graduation. He will start his course work in Hawaii, and later attend a local college here in Montgomery.

We look forward to welcoming Jacob back home, and wish him well in his future endeavors. We know that he will do well in whatever course of study he pursues.

Michael Odell Wilhite

Michael came to Churchill when he was eight years old from the Montessori School. He came to us very quiet and shy.

At Churchill, Michael had to step out of his comfort zone into a larger classroom setting. With some prompting and encouraging, we slowly won him over!

Michael is blessed with a large and wonderful family. He is very proud that he is the fourth child in his family to graduate from Churchill Academy. Michael and his family were big supporters of Churchill’s Fall Festival. He enjoyed setting up the outside booths and assisting in running these booths. We are going to miss having Michael’s input and help at future Fall Festivals!

There were several teachers that were special to Michael while he was at Churchill. Mrs. Robinson and Ms. McCurdy were special to him in high school and Mrs. Sikes and Mrs. Pair in lower school. Michael says that these teachers have always been there for him.

In his spare time Michael enjoys spending time outdoors, especially on the family farm. He loves riding the trails with his horses and wagons. Michael is very talented with musical lights. He often puts on shows for his family and neighbors.

Michael is excited to be joining the rest of his family in becoming a Churchill graduate.

Our love and best wishes go with Michael as he moves on to his new life.

Zachary Ryan Weitz

Zack Weitz joined the Churchill student body second semester of his tenth grade year.

Previously, he had been homeschooled since sixth grade. As a new student at mid year Zack stated that he was at a disadvantage as he had no school friends.

However, that quickly changed and he now has best friends who have stood by him through thick and thin. He also feels he has given back to Churchill by making new students feel welcome and befriending all students.

Zack is kind, friendly, helpful and funny.

Regarding academics, Zack stated that Geometry was his most difficult subject, although Mr. Zienert is his favorite teacher regardless. Zack appreciates that Mr. Zienert always takes the time to answer his questions and help him with projects.

Zack also feels that he had a great experience in Biology with Mrs. Backus and in English with Ms. Hall.

For over a year Zach has worked as a bagger part time at Winn Dixie and has saved a lot of his earnings.

When he is not working or doing homework, Zack stays busy. In,his free time, Zack enjoys playing video games and listening to music such as rock, dub step, Christian and some rap.

Following graduation, Zack plans to attend a trade school for computer programming/design. His true dream is to one day have his own company.

As Zack continues his education and pursues his dreams, Churchill wishes him the best life has to offer and success in all his endeavors.

Fiona Grace Johnson


I am proud to announce that Fiona Grace Johnson has been selected as Churchill Academy’s 2015-16 salutatorian.

Fiona secured this honor by receiving high scores in both personal character and academic achievement. She came to Churchill from Halcyon Elementary School when she was in third grade, and she’s been with us ever since. Those who recall those days can still see that pigtailed little girl happily bouncing down the hall, smiling at everyone she met.

Fiona is a hard worker, and she always strives to do her best. Math has been her most difficult subject, however she persevered and completed all required high school math; including Algebra 1b, which was not her favorite! She says that Mrs. Sikes stands out amongst the teachers because she was the first teacher that understood and helped her. She also really enjoyed Spanish and Biology with Mrs. Backus! It was that Biology course inspired Fiona to apply for (and be accepted) in an AUM student research program.

Always ready and able, Fiona has been an active participant in Churchill plays and talent shows throughout the years. In high school Fiona took up the flute and she has enjoyed playing in the Montgomery Youth Orchestra and the River Region Home School Band.

This past fall Fiona challenged herself further by participating in the Distinguished Young Women of Montgomery County scholarship program where she earned recognition and a scholarship in the Most Spirited category, which is not at all surprising as Fiona approaches everything with such enthusiasm.

Fiona has a positive nature and a kind spirit, and is therefore well-liked and admired by peers and staff. It is hard to imagine Churchill without Fiona, but soon she will be attending Troy University in hopes of earning a double major in Microbiology and Music.

We wish Fiona well and know that her strong work ethic and persistence will ensure her success!

Jacob Wayne Miller


Jacob came to us from Bear Elementary School and entered Churchill as a 5th grader the fall of 2007.

At first glance Jacob appears to be a very outgoing, and he can often be found right in the middle of high school activities. And he jokingly reminds you just how good he is and how lucky you are to know him. However, underneath that exterior lies a reserved individual who often hides his true feelings, and he cares far more about people and things than he lets on.

Unlike many of our students, Jacob doesn’t really care for sports and isn’t into any particular music genre. However he does have a great passion for books. Reading allows him to escape and gives him the opportunity to relax. He can often be found with a book; his favorite is Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief.

His other passion is Boy Scouting. Jacob’s been involved since 1st grade and is currently working to complete his Eagle Scout Project and earn the Eagle Scout Award. He is a member of the Order of the Arrow, enjoys working as a counselor during summer camp and is also a Venture Scout.

Jacob lists Practical Finance as his favorite class and Pre-Calculus as the most difficult. He says he appreciates Mr. Zienert the most because he’s always there to help.

While he’s planning on attending college, he hasn’t yet settled on a specific course of study. Whether that turns out to be engineering, biology, or something else, all of us at Churchill know that Jacob will excel at his chosen profession.

Churchill is excited for Jacob and wishes him the very best!

Nicole Elizabeth Auffant

Nicole has been with us from the very beginning.

She came to Churchill in kindergarten from Green Gate so we have watched her develop into a beautiful young lady who has made amazing strides in her education.

Nicole enjoys learning and is never satisfied with anything less than her very best. Whatever it takes to get the job done, she is ready, willing and able. Her teachers applaud her diligence and neatness on all assignments; whether it be class work, homework, projects, tests or research.

Nicole stated that biology with Mrs. Backus was her favorite class because Mrs. Backus made learning fun. Another favorite teacher of Nicole’s was Mrs. Brown because she took a special interest in each student. Nicole’s least favorite subject has always been math since she often struggles with it, but never gives up.

Nicole’s interests are varied. She loves playing sports and being outdoors. She plays volleyball, basketball, soccer and tennis. Nicole has played volleyball at the YMCA for years, and has been on two undefeated teams in high school.

Music is a favorite past time also and she enjoys mostly pop music, with Owl City being her favorite band. Nicole has performed favorite selections by that band in our annual talent show over the years.

Traveling is another of Nicole’s interests and she stated New York was her favorite place to visit. She loved seeing Times Square all lit up. She also loves the Florida theme parks and hopes to someday make it to Hawaii.

Highlights for Nicole’s high school years include attending high school dances – especially the prom, making new friends and being elected class secretary. Nicole plans to continue her education following graduation.

She loves animals and has been volunteering at the Alabama Wildlife Center. Her dream is to work with birds of prey as a wildlife rehabilitator.

Churchill wishes Nicole the best as she pursues her dream.