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In the October 2016 issue of 3rd Friday Footnotes, Lisa Hanlon Schroeder discusses the importance of being “trustworthy” and reminds us October is Bullying Awareness month.


ILPs Completed!

Lisa Schroeder profile photoDear Parents and Guardians,

We have completed our ILPs and are busy implementing the curriculum and strategies discussed in these meetings.

Thank you for your time and valuable input; together we can make a significant difference in your child’s success in school and life.

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Character Counts

Churchill participates in the Josephson Institute Character Counts Program[1. Learn more about the Josephson Institute Character Counts Program and the “6 Pillars of Character” by visiting their website».].

We kick off our program each year in November by exploring Trustworthiness. The following declaration is the foundation of the Character Counts movement:

  • The next generation will be the stewards of our communities, nation, and planet in extraordinarily critical times.
  • The present and future well-being of our society requires an involved, caring citizenry with good moral character.
  • People do not automatically develop good moral character; therefore, conscientious efforts must be made to instruct young people in the values and abilities necessary for moral decision making and conduct.
  • Effective character education is based on core ethical values rooted in democratic society; in particular, trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship.
  • These core ethical values transcend cultural, religious, and socioeconomic differences.
  • Character education is, first and foremost, an obligation of families and faith communities, but schools and youth-service organizations also have a responsibility to help develop the character of young people.
  • These responsibilities are best achieved when these groups work in concert.
  • The character and conduct of our youth reflect the character and conduct of society; therefore, every adult has the responsibility to teach and model the core ethical values, and every social institution has the responsibility to promote the development of good character.

To learn more about the effectiveness of the Character Counts program, watch the short video below (transcript included).

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Bullying Awareness Month

As you may know, October is Bullying Awareness Month.

Eighty percent of school aged children across our country report they have been bullied by other students! At Churchill we take bullying very seriously.

We are a bully-free zone and we actively work to prevent and correct bullying through classroom education and activities, and through Mrs. Pair’s ABC club.

Hope to see you at the Fall Festival!

Lisa Hanlon Schroeder
Lisa Hanlon Schroeder

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What CHARACTER COUNTS! Means to Students


Duration: 3:09


“St. Genevieve High School is a private school within the Los Angeles region that was transformed through the introduction and continual use of our program. See and hear first-hand from the students and administrators what CHARACTER COUNTS! means to them.”[2. Quoted from Character Counts YouTube Channel.]

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Begin transcript:

“In 1999, St. Genevieve high school was on the verge of closing.

It was known to the community as a gang school… a ghetto school.

So we decided to implement Character Counts in order to restore the good reputation of St. Genevieve and to make it more vibrant than it’s ever been in its history.

What’s great about Character Counts is that it makes you mature as a person not only in ways that you see but also in ways you don’t realize such as decisions you make and the people around you and the decisions they make.

The influence that this provides it just gives a great view on the world.

The ‘6 Pillars’ to me are building blocks in life to make the right decisions.

Implementing Character Counts into our classrooms has been fairly easy.

We bring in guest speakers, we take field trips, we have students and parents on panel discussions.

It’s been quite easy.

Sometimes people watch bullying and then they’re bystanders.

They think, ‘I’m not going to get involved.’

I think I have a hard time building up the courage to go up to them and tell them to stop, but I don’t have a hard time going up to the person that was bullied and telling them, ‘it’s okay, don’t listen to them.’

At first I was a little resistance to putting in the program.

I felt change was going to make a lot of extra work for me.

Now that I see the results that it can do, there’s no question in my mind that I’ll continue to do it in the future.

So a friend came up to me and said she had been cutting herself and I had no idea what to do.

But thanks to the Character Counts and all that, I was able to put my ability for trustworthiness and respect; I respected her privacy and her trust in me by not telling other students and I went to teachers instead and it ended up helping her out very well.

So early in this year, my friends and I became friends with older seniors and later on we got into a fight and somebody told the Dean of our school about it.

And he had us sit down and talk about it and we learned that we just need to disregard everything people are saying and listen to each other and respect what we’re trying to voice out.

The impact of utilizing Character Counts has been phenomenal.

To talk about ‘truancy is going down’ and ‘discipline actions being less’ doesn’t do justice.

It has raised our students to a level of leadership that we never even imagined.

Within our school we incorporate Character Counts within the classroom and with athletics, from the administration to the teachers, to the coaches, to the players – we’re all on the same page.

We all believe in the Character Counts program, the Six Pillars of Character, and pursuing victory with honor.

I feel like here, our coaches tell us you’re here to win, you’re here to get the job done.

But at the end, it doesn’t matter whether we win or lose as long as we know we’re out there having fun and at the other schools, it’s just win, win, win and when you lose, you just start running.

Implementing Character Counts has turned St. Genevieve into the kind of school that is a parent and teacher’s dream.

End transcript

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