When you become a parent there isn’t an instruction manual to go by so you just hope and pray you are doing what is best for them.

Throw in a child with special needs and/or learning disabilities and you feel you messed up somewhere along the way. Every day is a challenge, you never know what the days hold. You are kind of on the edge of your seat every waking moment.

So you send them to school and cross your fingers. You think everything is fine until you go to that dreaded IEP meeting and get hit, no… scratch that, bulldozed… by a huge truck and know he is not advancing the way you thought he was. So I cry daily cause I feel I have failed him. I pray and pray, what should I do?

Then HE answers me with a school named Churchill Academy. I swear the teachers here are angels placed in my path to teach my baby the tools and life skills I knew he was capable of doing.

With that said I went in for the mid-year meeting yesterday and was just blown away at the progress he has made.

Everyday I see that little light bulb getting brighter and brighter. So thank you to all the teachers at Churchill for reaching inside his little mind and pulling out what I already knew was inside! ~ Shannon Carson Horsley

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Date: January 14, 2016

Location: Montgomery, Alabama

Shannon Carson Horsley