Learning Differences, NOT Disabilities

Unique Learning Differences

Churchill Academy, a private school in Montgomery, Alabama, is a one-of-a-kind school for bright children with unique learning differences.

We understand these are learning DIFFERENCES, rather than learning disabilities.

For some this may mean that they can read information, but cannot remember it. For others this means that they understand what they read, but cannot express it.

Many are gifted in specific intellectual and academic areas, but their potential is overlooked by educators because they aren’t able to achieve in mainstream academic environments with traditional methods, materials and techniques.

These children learn differently.

Tailored Learning Programs

Churchill Academy is a unique, supportive environment with individualized academic programming for grades K – 12.

Churchill’s low student-teacher ratio, tailored learning programs, remedial programming, and behavior management techniques teach to students’ strengths, and addresses their weaknesses.

We provide detailed biannual progress reports, training seminars, and other activities which foster parent involvement.

Teaching To Your Child’s Ability

The staff at Churchill Academy helps students experience success in a safe and nurturing environment.

They work with occupational, speech/language and behavioral therapists to create a tailor-made Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) for each student.

Ongoing Teacher Training

All teachers have a bachelor’s degree and many have master’s degrees as well.

They have been thoroughly trained in behavior management and instructional strategies.

All teachers are required to attend on-site in-service training sessions several times throughout the year. Many are sent to training workshops and conferences to further enhance their teaching skills.